Nursery/Pre School Sessions

Fun, sport sessions for nurseries and pre schools.

Our nursery and pre school sessions are designed to run in line with the EYFS learning outcomes. The sessions are hugely beneficial for children’s physical and social development and are a great way to burn off some energy!

All our Diddy Dribblers coaches hold the ‘Introduction to the Early Years Foundation Stage’ qualification, are paediatric first aid trained and are experienced in working with children from pre school and primary school age.

EYFS Learning Outcomes

How Diddy Dribblers can help support your children.


Talking & listening to the children, making sure they understand and can follow instructions.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Building relationships to understand the importance of teamwork. Building self-confidence & awareness.


Counting their movements, understanding distances they run and what position they finish a race.

Understanding the World

Recognising different sports and equipment used. Relating sports to past experiences with family and friends.

Physical Development

Fundamental movements, developing their A,B,C’s & spacial awareness. Working on throwing, rolling & catching.


Listening and telling a story through sport using characters children know and copying them using various movements.

Expressive Arts & Designs

Being imaginative through sport & dance and exploring new ideas using their personality.

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